Step inside.
Let your heart be your guide.

I am Erin Toppenberg, a Certified HeartMath Trainer and Naam Yoga Instructor practicing heart-centered yoga and guided meditations that combine scientific data with ancient traditions. I offer private consultations for individuals or groups who seek guidance on how to connect with the heart and to help bring about a paradigm shift in consciousness.

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I am here to guide you back to your heart. You choose the path that work best for you. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation and learn more.


Heart Math

Naam Path

Moon Meditation

Heart Path
Learning to access
the heart’s intelligence


HeartMath is a scientific mind-body approach to reduce stress by harnessing one’s ability to improve health through the heart. I offer one-on-one and group coaching sessions to help bring you and or/your team members’ physical, mental and emotional systems into coherent alignment. Learn how to tune into your heart’s wisdom and experience profound shifts within that will help you approach situations with more emotional balance, compassion, clarity and personal confidence.


Full Moon Meditation

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When the Full Moon reveals itself from the dark, it has the power to illuminate that which is invisible or unconscious. Please join me and my mystical traveler friend, Paul Klein as we hold space for us all to gather and illuminate the darkness, and to shine the light of love and presence.




Naam Path
Yoga, Breath, Wisdom


Naam Yoga is a practical, universal system of self-healing dedicated to uplifting humanity, including Sukshma Vyayama powered by Naam as taught by Dr. Levry. Naam (Neuro-Activating Advanced Meditation) is a form of sound meditation designed to activate new neuronal connectivity and increase brain synchronicity that correspond to beneficial states of focus, immunity, learning and creativity. The Naam Path has at its foundation, the teachings of Divine Spiritual Wisdom which I am grateful to have studied directly with Dr. Levry.

Things worth caring about
Making a difference

As we give, we receive so much more back and that really is the secret to life! I am dedicated to elevating the consciousness and compassion in the world and sharing my heart and resources from an abundant overflow. As the mother of two daughters, this fuels my passion to work on the behalf of empowerment of all women and children worldwide. I am the Co-Founder and director of The Waterbearers which is a women lead organization working to provide access to safe accessible water to women and girls worldwide. Through the water love, compassion, care and heart connection is shared. I care and have been a part of AllYouNeed is Love Charity for many years which serves the Burmese migrant community inside of Thailand through providing education and love for the children. In order to have World Peace we need inner peace and to hold the ideal of a peaceful prosperous planet as a Vision for our humanity. I have worked with PathwaysToPeace as a UN delegate and proud to be part of Stand4Peace which works within my local community to raise awareness and provide skills for peace building. What do you care about? Perhaps we can collaborate for a greater good? My heart and door is always open ❤️

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